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William Orbit announces new album The Painter

By on June 7, 2022 0

William Orbit’s new album will feature Beth Orton, Georgia and Katie Melua.

William Orbit has announced the release of his new album The painter August 26.

“I had been away from music for a few years, cooped up in a beach town in California, painting and writing about my life and thinking about general observations,” he says.

“Then, back in London, inspiration struck with a vengeance. I felt the same mindset I had in the mid-90s.”

“It was a blessing to have the exquisite contributions of the artists who appear on the album. And the pleasure of exploring new technologies. It’s one of my best, the difference being understanding a totally new landscape means to present it to people’s ears.

Painter’s tracklist:

Duende (with Katie Melua)
Bank of Wildflowers (feat. Georgia)
I Paint What I See (feat. Beth Orton)
Heshima kwa Hukwe with Hukwe Zawose
Nuestra Situacion (feat. Lido Pimienta)
The Diver (feat. Natalie Walker)
Colors Collide with Polly Scattergood
Golden Coast
second moon
Promethean Lies (feat. Ali Love)
Planet Sunrise
No Other World (feat. Beth Orton)
Free Glo (with Gloria Kaba and Laurie Mayer)