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Who is Zanna? A Mysterious Painter Baffles the North Port Neighborhood

By on September 7, 2022 0

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) — Three beautiful paintings signed “Zanna ’22” have been left on the doorstep of homeowners, but the community is scratching their heads wondering who the artist is behind the brush.

“This painting was left on my doorstep,” Walter Hill said, holding a small painting of his home enclosed in a black frame.

The room, dotted with grays, creams and pops of yellow that set off his one-story home on Otis Road, suddenly appeared with only a minor clue as to who painted it. In the lower right corner is a signature reading “Zanna ’22”, but where this artist can be found is a mystery.

Even more confusing than the painting itself is the note Hill found stuck to the glass: a scribble that reads “If you like it, great. Otherwise, throw it away.

Whatever humility Zanna offered, Hill rebuffed her. A week later, the colorful work of art is far from being in the trash, on the contrary hanging proudly on the wall of its facade just next to the door.

“You know, just to have it by the door,” Hill said looking at the portrait. “It’s a conversation piece.”

Conversational, not just within the confines of the Hill house, but taking off online. Shortly after discovering the anonymous gift, Hill took to Facebook posting a photo of the artwork wondering who would have taken the time to paint the art and then left without saying hello. .

Many of her friends commenting under her post praised Zanna for her craftsmanship, but more importantly, her apparent generosity to a stranger.

“People were amazed at how kind, in this evil world, that is,” Hill said. “Or people saying how cool it is. It’s awesome.”

At the time, he hadn’t realized how awesome the little gift was. Shortly after going public with the special gift, Hill discovered he wasn’t alone. Across the street, her neighbor stopped in her driveway to find a similar scene.

“We got home and it was hanging on our door,” Valerie Taylor told ABC7, her smile beaming as she held up another portrait. This one, a colorful sketch of Taylor’s sky blue house, lined with dark green vegetation.

Much like Hill, Taylor was thrilled to find the unexpected tribute to her lovely home. “It’s like, oh yeah, I have a cute little house,” she said.

Before long, three neighbors became art sleuths, coming together to realize they had all received similar portraits of their homes. All with a humble note advising them to keep or discard the work, and all with the same signature: “Zanna ’22″.

Confused at first, Taylor’s skepticism about the fall turned to joy. She, along with many others who have caught wind of the story, are admirers of the mystery artist whom she considers a force for good, if shy, around North Port.

“We just like to feel blessed,” Taylor said. “This woman is like a little angel in the neighborhood.”

Taylor’s portrait hangs high in her kitchen where she hopes a neighbor might stop by and recognize the call sign scrawled in the corner of the page. She, like the other recipients, wants to know who Zanna is so she can thank her for the portrait.

Doorbell camera video captured a glimpse of a woman dropping one of these paintings on the doorstep, but none of the three neighbors recognized her, and so far their social media posts asking for his name hit dead ends.

None of their mutual friends have ever heard of her.

Also, the recipients of the art we spoke to are confused as to why Zanna is doing this. They wonder what might motivate her not just to create the pieces, but to pass them on in secret.

“Maybe just an act of kindness?” Hill thinks. “We’re not sure.”

Taylor thinks it may be part of her thinking, but suspects it’s as much fun for her as it is for the owners.

“Something to do,” she said. “Makes her happy, makes us happy.”

Whatever the reason, Hill and Taylor are eager to connect with the artist. Both have become a bit of a fan, so they want to show their appreciation for her work by giving her a gift card for art supplies, “so she can keep making other people smile,” Taylor said.

Hill points out that Zanna’s note offering the option to throw away the paints indicates that she isn’t sure her hard work was worth it. Although he can’t tell her in person yet, he wants the artist to know that his kindness is precious.

“I really appreciate it,” he said.

Do you know Zanna ’22? If you do, email ABC7.