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Veteran painter Mian Ijaz ul Hassan paid tribute

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LAHORE: Veteran painter Mian Ijaz ul Hassan received a rich tribute from senior male and female dignitaries during a seminar organized by M.Phil 2021-2023 and MFA Designers 2020-2022 scholars from Punjab University Friday.

The seminar was organized under the title “Mian Ijaz ul Hassan – Seven decades of painting”. M.Phil students also presented their research on different aspects of Mian Ijaz’s work and personality.

Those who spoke about Mian Ijaz and his work were Aitzaz Ahsan, Shahnawaz Zaidi, Fakir Syed Aijazuddin, Dr. Syed Akmal Hussain and Amna Ismail Pataudi apart from M.Phil scholars. Famous poet and writer Amjad Islam Amjad also recited a poem at the end.

Speakers, while highlighting different aspects of Mian Ijaz’s life during the seminar, said he had a great impact on art and artists on many levels. Mian Ijaz not only formed the Punjab Artists Association, which has been organizing exhibitions for 34 years nationwide. His astonishing contribution was Shakir Ali’s centenary celebrations. Mian Ijaz has a long history of hosting artist meetups and their hospitality should be acknowledged.

Fakir Syed Aijazuddin shared that Ayub Khan’s government commissioned Mian Ijaz’s book, but that government was nowhere to publish. He was asked to exclude artists from East Pakistan from his book. Mian Ijaz had to wait 30 years to see his book published. Aijazuddin said, “Mian Ijaz is a living legend – a politician true to his belief, a painter true to his calling.

Mian Ijaz, also a poet and chronicler, has painted nature extensively. There are flowers, trees and roots that evoke joy. He painted the agony in the paintings after the murder of Benazir, about the struggle in Palestine, about the massacre in East Pakistan, about the promise of prosperity and much more.

Shahnawaz Zaidi, who served as the three-time principal of the Punjab University School of Art, said, “You should come to a painting with due respect. Look at it, listen to your heart and think about it. Many things left unsaid remain behind everything. He recited a poem he had written in which there was a verse that said there were “dawn metaphors” in the works of Mian Ijaz.

Aitzaz Ahsan talked about Mian Ijaz’s paintings one by one, especially those that highlight the people’s struggle. Dr. Akmal Hussain said Mian Ijaz articulates the possibility of a better future. He sees it as an effort to build a more humane society. His paintings represent beauty, truth and goodness, he said.

Dr. Sarah Omar has shown a lot of work by Mian Ijaz ul Hassan spread over decades and that is commendable. Guests also received souvenirs at the end.