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Vandalized Horse Mania sculptures in downtown Lexington

By on June 27, 2022 0

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Horse Mania is in Lexington for the first time since 2010. Horse Mania is a special arts project filling the streets of downtown, but instead of enjoying the attraction, some people are turning to vandalism. The work of art that is supposed to inspire people is not respected.

Di Boyer, Director of Donations at Lex Arts, said Horse Mania is meant to have a positive impact on the community and shine a light on the artist’s hard work.

“We have around 160 horses hitting the streets, and we’re just super excited. It kind of brought new joy to downtown,” she said.

Recently people are jumping and sitting on the artwork. Boyer said the horses are fiberglass, so they’re very fragile.

A person who admired the art, Jackie Peake, said she noticed that people disrespected the art.

” It’s not acceptable. It’s valuable art that’s going to be sold and people shouldn’t touch it, stand on it or write on it,” Peake said.

Although vandalism appears to be an issue, Boyer said she still wants people to come out to enjoy the horses.

“They are absolutely, incredibly beautiful. We want people out. Bring the family and bring visitors. Come walk and see these horses,” she said.

She said while you’re admiring the view, make sure you’re just looking, as any vandalism could be considered a criminal offence.

LexArts told us they identified two people from photos and videos, but they don’t plan to take legal action.

“While there was no permanent damage, the connection points connecting the horses to the concrete pads are easily compromised under such weight and many will need to be repaired,” a LexArts spokesperson said.

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