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This painter’s tape has nothing to do with your walls – LifeSavvy

By on March 11, 2022 0
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If you’ve ever painted your own space, you’ve probably used painter’s tape to protect moldings or other areas you don’t want covered. However, there is another way to use it that has nothing to do with your walls.

According to Mike MundwillerHead of End User Product Experience at Benjamin Mooresays you should wrap your brushes in painter’s tape.

On the surface, this idea seems super strange. A clean, dry brush doesn’t need to be protected, and for wet brushes, you should wrap them in foil, not tape. What is the idea behind this hack? It’s all about preparing your brushes to get the best paint job possible.

“Before your first application with a new roller, wrap the entire roller with blue tape and then remove it.” says Mundwiller. “This will ‘defuzze’ your roller before you paint, ensuring that no fibers settle in your paint or on your walls once you start.”

Not bad is not it ? While this is arguably Mundwiller’s most unique tip, it’s not the only one to prepare for painting. He also said to run your hands through the bristles to remove loose hairs and to add a plastic liner to your paint tray to make cleaning easier.

If you have paint plans after your spring cleaning, you might want to grab some extra painter’s tape.

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