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The performer tells Bible stories through balloon sculptures

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Dr. Dan Bellamy’s performances are more than hot air.

Kids of all ages can enjoy a free inflatable balloon sculpture show by Bellamy at 6 p.m. Saturday at the White Horse Christian Center.

Bellamy earned his doctorate in ministry, served as a college pastor, camp staffer, and full-time youth pastor. Today, he travels the United States with his company, Inflatable Stories, telling children stories of Jesus using balloon sculptures.

“With Inflatable Stories, I bring Bible stories, themes, and Bible lessons to life with larger-than-life balloon sculptures,” Bellamy said. “So I have things like giant wearable balloon masks made out of latex balloons. I climb inside 6-foot balloons, I have balloon artwork and lessons.

“…Balloons bring stories to life in such a unique and special way to help things that might normally be a little harder to connect (with); to really visually and in a fun way connect and stay with the children and families.”

Bellamy’s Inflatable Stories show on Saturday will not only include Bible stories, but a lesson on how to build your own balloon animal.

“We’ll teach a balloon animal at the end,” Bellamy said, “which I don’t do every program, but we’ll do it for all of you. I’ll do the inside balloon climb and we’ll talk a bit of what it means to come out of our bubble in our faith.”

While Bellamy knew he had been called to ministry at a young age, he had no idea how much of an impact his favorite hobby could have on spreading Bible stories.

“Sharing the good news is the main goal,” Bellamy said, “and in the process I want to bring joy and excitement, laughter and fun, and present the gospel in a unique way. who really connects with people and stands out.”

Dan Bellamy presented a previous balloon show through his company, Inflatable Stories.  Bellamy tells biblical stories through the art of balloon sculpture.

Future plans for Bellamy and Inflatable Stories include potential international bookings and writing additional children’s books.

“I had, just before the pandemic, I actually had (a reservation) scheduled in Canada,” Bellamy said, “and I’ve traveled overseas with balloons but I haven’t actually had a bookings internationally. But I had planned for it, and so we know how the pandemic has treated us all.

“…I have written two books (for children). One is called ‘The Inflated Story of Noah’, and it is the story of the flood, but it is told with balloons photographed in real places as illustrations The other one is called “The Twisted Tale of Adam and Eve”, and it is (their) story… An ambition that I have, which hopefully will not be long in coming. materialize, is a third book to tell the story of the Christmas Nativity.”

Visit inflatablestories.com to learn more about Bellamy’s work. To see more of his sculptures, visit his Instagram, inflatablestories.

Margaret Christopherson is a reporter for the Journal & Courier. Email her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter @MargaretJC2.