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The author of the article Tukde-tukde from Panchjanya is crazy: Mohandas Pai

By on September 8, 2021 0

The company’s reputation has been totally tarnished, the locals are with Narayan Murthy. He is one of India’s biggest job creators. You can blame Infosys for making mistakes and they will correct them, that’s fine. But you can’t call them anti-national and all that bullshit, Pai argued.

Yes the portal is not working properly and they are fixing it. But you can’t call them anti-national. I think we should all talk to them and tell them to withdraw the article, he said.

He further clarified the concern raised by the Union Ministry of Finance, saying that it is a very complex process. It is extremely complex, it will take time to fix it. My personal opinion is that the department did not perform adequate tests. Once the software is delivered, the department must test whether it has reached the niche. They probably haven’t tested it enough. The software was released prematurely. There will be some bugs that they need to take care of and they take care of them.

Asked about the statement of the Union Minister of Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman on Infosys, he said: “I do not want to comment on the statement of the Union Minister of Finance. Because the Minister of Finance was very supportive and I don’t want to comment. She’s reacting to the criticism that’s all. “

Responding to Panchajanya magazine defending the article against Infosys, he explained that, the person who wrote it must be crazy, he does not understand anything. “I think we should ask the editor to take it down. I think they should write to Panchjanya and tell them it’s very unfair. It’s a big company in Karnataka. These guys are attacking it. for nothing, “he said.

When asked if RSS had anything to do with this, he replied, “I don’t think that’s the RSS view. This is only the point of view of the Panchajanya. The people of Karnataka should protest this, ”he said.

Speaking about the questions raised about recruiting at Infosys, he replied that “every appointment is made on merit. I don’t know what they are talking about”.

It hurts industrialists, it hurts job creators because they don’t like it. No company or industrialist is anti-national. You can call politicians anti-national, the media anti-national because they shape public opinion for good or for bad. You can call political leaders whatever you want, but why do you call yourself an anti-national industrialist, that’s stupid, he said.

Commenting on the company’s comparison to Naxals and the tukde tukde gang, Mohandas Pai replied, “Tell me if a responsible person makes such a statement, what comes to your mind? Crazy. We are a free country, what to do. It is very abusive. . I think we have to criticize them and get along. “