December 5, 2022
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A look back at the 2022 Hoag Classic with longtime writer Randy Youngman – KCAL9 and CBS2 News, Sports, and Weather

by on March 7, 2022 0
Landlord and housekeeper caught by intruders in Studio CityThe two men allegedly stole the keys to the house from the owner’s wife, who had gone to a doctor’s appointment. reports Jeff Nguyen. 2 hours ago Amber Lee weather forecast (March 7)Temperatures will slowly warm up this week, but there is still a small chance... Read More

Anil Awachat, renowned physician-writer and drug addiction campaigner, has died

by on January 27, 2022 0
Renowned physician-activist and writer Dr Anil Awachat, founder of Muktangan Drug Rehabilitation Centre, died on Thursday morning after a long illness at his residence in Pune. He was 78 years old. The multi-faceted Dr. Awachat has rendered invaluable service in helping drug addicts across India through his Muktangan Drug Rehabilitation Center for several decades.... Read More

How Benjamin West Became the Society Painter

by on January 22, 2022 0
Self-portrait by Benjamin West, original from 1170, copy from 1776. (Photo: Wikimedia CommonsPublic domain) The American painter Benjamin West lived between two worlds. Born in the 13 American colonies in 1738, West immigrated to London as a young man to pursue his artistic career. He lived through the American Revolution as an expatriate in... Read More

Frozen Art: Visit Ice and Snow Sculptures in Colorado

by on January 5, 2022 0
Teams from around the world get to work starting Jan. 24, carving 12-foot-tall, 20-ton blocks of snow into masterpieces at the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpting Championships. Photo by Zach Hooper/Breckenridge Visitor Center. Art comes in many forms, but during the Colorado winter, it comes in the form of snow and ice sculptures. From the... Read More

James Balog sees the world in sculptures

by on January 1, 2022 0
On a hot 2014 afternoon, huge orange flames sucked oxygen from the air surrounding the ancient gold mining town of Happy Camp, California. They stretched and danced across the dry valley, ravaging the Klamath National Forest in a fit of black smoke. Photographer James Balog watched from the colder end of the increasing... Read More

Living art | Tracing the evolution of Jamini Roy as a painter, from Western styles to indigenous forms-Art-and-culture News, Firstpost

by on December 9, 2021 0
Abanindranath Tagore’s idea of ​​Indianization of art and Rabindranath Tagore’s essay L’Ermitage inspired Jamini Roy to nationalism and to search for its roots. The style of famous Bengal artist Jamini Roy, inspired by the famous pata form, is so famous that people have almost forgotten his early works which bear no resemblance to... Read More

The Recorder – The fire still burns at 90: a new retrospective of painter Charles Miller begins

by on December 1, 2021 0
When he talks about his friend Charles Miller, Michael Tillyer has several ways of describing the work of the iconic Northampton painter: it’s immediate, says Tillyer, and it’s honest, energetic and upbeat. “There is rhythm,” said Tillyer, founder and co-director of Anchor House of Artists in Northampton. Additionally, Tillyer said, Miller brings a... Read More

Landscapes of Ojibwa painter George Morrison adorn 2022 USPS stamps

by on November 18, 2021 0
One of five forever stamps featuring a landscape by George Morrison, issued in 2022 (all images courtesy of the United States Postal Service) The United States Postal Service (USPS) unveils a new collection of stamps honoring distinguished Ojibwa artist George Morrison, whose abstract expressionist works challenged the largely exotic expectations of Native American... Read More

Richard Painter looks like he’s keen to run for Minnesota as an independent gubernatorial candidate

by on November 8, 2021 0
Richard Painter, a law professor at the University of Minnesota and a former White House ethics lawyer for George W. Bush, said he was considering an independent campaign for governor. “The campaign for me is worth it if we have serious discussions about clean drinking water, clean politics,” Painter said on Friday. “I... Read More

HUG A WIREING CARD WRITER DAY – September 18, 2022

by on September 18, 2021 0
Hug A Greeting Card Writer Day Story The exchange of greeting cards is a custom that dates back to ancient times. Some records indicate that the ancient Chinese exchanged messages of goodwill during the New Year. There were even papyrus scrolls that the ancient Egyptians used as “greeting cards”. By 1400, paper greeting... Read More

The carpenter creates sculptures to sit on

by on September 5, 2021 0
Sabiha Mujtaba said the first chair she made was a rocking chair designed for a pregnant friend. It represented a mother and her child, with animals. It marked the start of a series of unusual chairs that the Clarkston carpenter designed and manufactured. “My background is in sculpture,” Mujtaba said. “As a carpenter... Read More

Judge Refuses to Deport President of Ascension, Others from Murphy Painter Conspiracy Trial | New

by on July 22, 2021 0
GONZALES – Murphy Painter has a good chance of proving that Ascension Ward President Clint Cointment and two others attempted to smear his reputation in the 2019 election. That’s according to ad hoc judge A. Bruce Simpson, who dismissed motions to oust Cointment, political businessman Dustin Clouatre and website editor Wade Petite from... Read More

Irish writer Colum McCann’s novel “Apeirogon” addresses the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma – People’s World

by on June 17, 2021 0
Rami Elhanan and Bassam Aramin. | Random house In the context of the recent escalation of violence in the Middle East and Ireland’s condemnation of Israel’s de facto annexation policy, Apeirogon by Colum McCann is more than ever worth reading. Unlike a pentagon, an apeirogon has an infinite number of sides or aspects.... Read More

The overturned statue of the author of the American national anthem will be replaced by figures of slaves for Juneteenth

by on June 11, 2021 0
An art exhibit depicting America’s first slaves will open on June 17 around the space where a statue of Francis Scott Key was knocked down by racial justice protesters in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, according to Reuters. The “Monumental Reckoning” exhibition which features 350 black steel sculptures 4 feet high will be... Read More

On the cover: the fantastic clay sculptures by Mariana Peragallo | June 2021 | Visual arts | Hudson Valley

by on June 1, 2021 0
Click to enlarge Marianna Peragallo, Flower, 2020 polymer clay, oil painting A vase-shaped spiral of fleshy fingers grips the word “Flower” rendered in bright pink clay. This playful, cartoothe n-like sculpture is representative of Marianna Peragallosemi-surrealist style, whose work is now exhibited at Wassaique project, as part of the collective exhibition “If you... Read More