December 5, 2022
  • December 5, 2022

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How the silo, a new gallery run by a writer and a painter, sees defending artists as a “practice of art criticism by other means”

by on March 11, 2022 0
For some time, husband and wife duo Raphael Rubinstein and Heather Bause Rubinstein— an art critic and an artist, respectively — are planning to open an art gallery. The plan was to launch the silo: living with the art gallery next year, in 2023, at the 19th-century farmhouse that Raphael bought some 20 years... Read More

Frank Miller’s sister was key to Mission Inn’s success, says writer – Press Enterprise

by on March 1, 2022 0
A San Francisco newspaper called Alice Miller Richardson “one of California’s most successful and well-known businesswomen” – in 1910. Sounds like a pioneer, right? Yet a century later, Richardson is anything but famous, even in her hometown of Riverside. Richardson led the Mission Inn for 62 years, but virtually all the praise went to... Read More

Playwright-turned-painter Michael Ricigliano launches new art exhibit on Long Island

by on February 3, 2022 0
The pandemic has wreaked havoc on many industries, especially the arts. The virus has caused the closure of many museums, galleries, theaters and performance halls. Hoping to see life return to “normal,” Michael Ricigliano, a Long Island-based lawyer turned filmmaker, playwright, and artist, will present his new exhibit, WOVEN, at the Long Island University... Read More

An artist’s journey: Painter, COVID long-haul Jillian Lauren next plans to patent her technique | Daily news alerts

by on January 22, 2022 0
WESTERLY — Artist and COVID-19 long-hauler Jillian Lauren stood in the middle of Westerly station one afternoon last week surrounded by a group of colorful and famous women. A bubbly, 25-year-old from Cranston, Lauren has painted dozens of large, glittering, acrylic and pop portraits of famous women – women like Marilyn Monroe, Ann Margaret,... Read More

How Benjamin West Became the Society Painter

by on January 22, 2022 0
Self-portrait by Benjamin West, original from 1170, copy from 1776. (Photo: Wikimedia CommonsPublic domain) The American painter Benjamin West lived between two worlds. Born in the 13 American colonies in 1738, West immigrated to London as a young man to pursue his artistic career. He lived through the American Revolution as an expatriate in... Read More

Frozen Art: Visit Ice and Snow Sculptures in Colorado

by on January 5, 2022 0
Teams from around the world get to work starting Jan. 24, carving 12-foot-tall, 20-ton blocks of snow into masterpieces at the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpting Championships. Photo by Zach Hooper/Breckenridge Visitor Center. Art comes in many forms, but during the Colorado winter, it comes in the form of snow and ice sculptures. From the... Read More

Meet Rachel Jones, a rising painter whose electrically quivering paintings have captivated collectors around the world

by on January 3, 2022 0
Standing in front of a painting by Rachel Jones is like letting her take you on a journey through her emotional landscape, with her skillful use of color and composition as your guide. One of the artist’s centers of interest is black interiority, accessible somewhat literally through the frequent inclusion of the mouth and... Read More

Ten ‘whimsical’ sculptures line the medians of part of Richmond Avenue as part of a TIRZ 1 public art project

by on December 29, 2021 0
Phase 2 of the $1.5 million project, which is being implemented by the St. George Place Redevelopment Authority/TIRZ 1, began in May 2021, and 10 sculptures now line the Richmond medians between Chimney Rock Road and S.Rice Ave. A look back: 2021: The Year in Houston Sports The sculptures, which range from a depiction... Read More

16 paintings and sculptures still authentic

by on October 1, 2021 0
To fully develop the museum by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players will need to research Redd in order to purchase works of art and sculptures. This can be difficult to do, however, as many of Redd’s merchandise are actually fakes, with differences ranging from obvious deviations to slight changes. RELATED: 10 Fall Things... Read More

A forgotten flower painter, resuscitated

by on September 19, 2021 0
In George Agnew Reid’s 1889 painting “Dreaming”, the model is his wife, but she is also an artist. We don’t see the face of the now almost forgotten painter Mary Hiester Reid as she leans over a fireplace in their shared Paris studio, but the glowing embers light up her long apron and... Read More

Two new sculptures arrive on the lawn of the Memorial Art Gallery | Art

by on September 14, 2021 0
Click to enlarge IMAGE COURTESY OF BAYER LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, PLLC. The second phase of the Memorial Art Gallery’s Centennial Sculpture Park will feature “Lover’s Rainbow” by Pia Camil. If there had ever been a perfect public sculpture for shareable selfies, “Lover’s Rainbow” could be this one. The piece, one of two monumental outdoor... Read More

The carpenter creates sculptures to sit on

by on September 5, 2021 0
Sabiha Mujtaba said the first chair she made was a rocking chair designed for a pregnant friend. It represented a mother and her child, with animals. It marked the start of a series of unusual chairs that the Clarkston carpenter designed and manufactured. “My background is in sculpture,” Mujtaba said. “As a carpenter... Read More

Abstract painter presented at the Harbor Art Gallery

by on September 2, 2021 0
Abstract art by Christina Rosenthal is exhibited at the Harbor Art Gallery. Exhibition “Trajectories” to present PORT ANGELES – Christina Rosenthal exhibits her new group of abstract paintings at the Harbor Art Gallery. His exhibition, “Trajectories”, is housed in the Gallery’s Featured Artists Room at 114 N. Laurel St. during the months of... Read More

MSU Libraries Art Exhibition Honors Northern Mississippi Impressionist Painter Kate Freeman Clark

by on August 13, 2021 0
Contact: Sasha Steinberg “Mill Pond, Moors Mill,” an oil painting by Kate Freeman Clark from Holly Springs, is part of the “Outdoors” exhibit on display throughout October in the John Grisham Hall of the Mitchell Memorial Library in the State of Mississippi. (Photo submitted) STARKVILLE, Mississippi — A nationally recognized northern Mississippi painter’s... Read More

Featured photographer, painter in August

by on August 3, 2021 0
Photograph “West Pitch Winter” by Richard Plourde Submitted photo Sarah Martin’s “Bear” Submitted photo Richard Plourde’s photographs and Sarah Martin’s art are on display throughout August in the Woman’s Hospital Association’s rotating art gallery at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston. A resident of Lewiston, Plourde has always had a passion for artistic... Read More

Moments of the Félix Art Fair

by on July 30, 2021 0
LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Galleries Have Fun This Year Felix Art Fair. For its third edition, held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the organizers decided to downsize and present 29 galleries (compared to 40 and 60 in previous years) and most of them are local. After checking in and showing proof of... Read More