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Retired Baseball Player Now Creates Resin and Wood Animal Sculptures

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Retired baseball player turned artist, Blake McFarland creates animal sculptures that are an attractive mix of wood and epoxy resin. Combining the clear sheen of resin with different colors of wood, the figures showcase the elegant beauty of the creatures’ forms while showcasing McFarland’s materials and mastery of skill.

One of McFarland’s last plays is The whale, a title that speaks for itself. The base of the majestic humpback whale is made up of wood while the top shimmers with the clear compound. “The whale“, he tells My Modern Met, “consists of 11.5 gallons of epoxy resin and seven exotic hardwoods. I wanted to capture the essence of the ocean by using transparent resin on the top part of the whale while the bottom is made up of mixed woods.

It took McFarland a staggering 100 hours to create his whale-inspired art. He started with a giant block of wood and resin. “I cut it with various power tools and sanded it down to 5,000 grit,” he explains. “I love how it went.” Now that The whale is over, it will be at The Beacon, a restored 1920s venue in Topeka, Kansas.

Check out more of McFarland’s animal sculptures below. In addition to photos, he creates videos of his process that are fascinating to watch. Scroll down to see them too.

Retired baseball player turned artist Blake McFarland creates animal sculptures in wood and resin.

Whale Animal SculptureWhale Animal Sculpture

His last piece is called The whalewhich took him 100 hours to complete and includes seven exotic hardwoods.

Whale Animal Sculpture

He also created a bear sculpture…

Resin and wood bearResin and wood bear

…as well as a graceful swan.

Animal sculpture in resin and swan woodAnimal sculpture in resin and swan woodSwan Animal SculptureSwan Animal Sculpture

McFarland provides insight into his process on his YouTube channels.

Blake McFarland: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos of Blake McFarland.

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