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residency of artists and writers in Corsica will host an open day | New

By on May 25, 2021 0

Join the Corsicana Artist & Writer Residence from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday May 29 for its last open day of the season.

Meet artists Raychael Stine from Albuquerque, NM, Rehab El Sadek from Austin, and Jake Davidson from Brooklyn, New York.

Visit the new Storefront and Studio Samuels which open in the historic city center of Corsica.

Registration is not compulsory but is appreciated.

Samuels Building, two blocks south of 100 West. Rehab El Sadek is in residence.

Studio 100 West on the third floor, Jake Davidson is in residence.

On the third floor of 100 West, computers, projectors and moving images of delicate machines occupy Jake Davidson’s studio. The filmmaker has just completed a six-month residency in Taoyuan, Taiwan, documenting an exclusive method of making contact lenses in an unmarked building. Interested in the intricacies of light, projection, representation, and distortion, Jake asks what kinds of optical experiences are looming on the horizon? Learn more about his project here.

In the second-floor studio at 100 West, painter Raychael Stine is back in her Texas home for the first time in years. Raychael says that being in residence in a setting like Corsica accelerates the senses and invites him to come back into his body, thus stimulating the intuitive way of doing artists. His abstract paintings, hiding whimsical images of dogs, are first composed on old postcards that evoke feelings of longing and longing. Raychael uses the essence of the original object and his own experiences and desires to create new works layered with nuances of time and intention, ecstasy and joy.

Original sign found inside the Samuels building, 207 North Beaton Street

Samuels, known locally as the P. Samuels Building, will be open to the public for the first time during Open Studios, so be sure to continue your tour beyond 100 West, two blocks from North Beaton Street . Within the former men’s clothing store, Rehab El Sadek, an installation artist from Alexandria to Egypt via Austin, Texas, reconstructs ruins, imagining the powerful possibilities that still exist within the spaces that remain. with us. Enchanted by the Samuels Building and its similarities to the metropolitan structures of her native Egypt, Rehab is busy transforming the 2nd floor into a haunting installation that borrows from global architecture to build new futures from the past.

Titles published by former residents will be sold on the residence’s new site, Storefront, 203 North Commerce Street

It’s not just Memorial Day weekend, it’s also the smooth opening of our new bookstore, called Storefront. After visiting the studio work of our residents at 100 West and Samuels, come visit our new site and purchase books written, illustrated and translated by our writers in residence, some published by our friends at Deep Vellum.

Restoring and fitting out the old 1920s photography studio at the corner of 5th Avenue and Commerce Street for our bookstore and programming space was a labor of love. Stop by Saturday May 29th and see what we’ve done with the place.

Front, being restored. Storefront is the home of our new bookstore and programming space.

Antechamber, 411 North Beaton Street

Sculptor and Chairman of the Board Jay Sullivan’s Architectures of the Body exhibit is on display in Anteroom this summer. The objects and the forms invite as much to the touch as to the contemplation. Read essayist David Searcy’s article, “Allegory’s Reach,” about Jay’s exhibition here.

Jay Sullivan, Architectures of the Body, with bulb, death pot, bench, urn, cabinet, death pot. Antechamber, 2021.


CORSICANA ARTIST AND WRITER RESIDENCE, 501 (c) (3) supports the creative practices and projects of regional, national and international artists and writers to work in historic Corsica, Texas, to engage the local community and to disseminate their works and ideas through various publishing, exhibition and conversation programs. CORSICANARESIDENCY.ORG