September 30, 2022
  • September 30, 2022

Moments of the Félix Art Fair

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LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Galleries Have Fun This Year Felix Art Fair. For its third edition, held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the organizers decided to downsize and present 29 galleries (compared to 40 and 60 in previous years) and most of them are local.

After checking in and showing proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test, masked participants can enter and exit poolside cabanas while hotel guests sunbathe and swim. Placing artwork on the walls and crevices of hotel rooms, rather than typical white walls, provides a much more interactive experience. Sculptures are placed in the shower, paintings are hung over the toilets and even wooden cupboards become displays.

At the Charlie James Gallery, busts of John Ahearn hang on interior and exterior walls as if participating in guest conversations. Other works include paintings by Gabriella Sanchez and two cake sculptures by Patrick Martinez that pay homage to murdered Chicano journalist Ruben Salazar and abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

Patrick Martinez at the Charlie James Gallery

A few hotel rooms down the road, the Residency Art Gallery in Inglewood highlights black and brown artists like Perez Bros, Jonah Elijah, and Yvette Mayorga, among others, whose work explores migration, militarization, gender, work and race.

The Chris Sharp Gallery features one artist: Los Angeles-based Indigenous artist Ishi Glinsky, who makes sculptures of cartoon characters using resin inlay techniques common in Indigenous jewelry-making practices. The use of these popular figures is in conversation with the “Zunitoons”, which are made by members of the Zuni nation and sell primarily to tourists from the southwest.

The Gavlak Gallery, which features sculptures by Kim Dacres made of intertwined tire bands, and the Afro-futuristic and glittering tapestries by April Bey stand out in particular.

Like most art fairs, there’s an exclusive tune about it, with unfriendly tickets selling for $ 75. But if you get the chance to see it, you’ll have a window into Los Angeles’ vast and effervescent art scene.

Sam Anderson to Tanya Leighton
Ishi Glinsky at Chris Sharp
April Bay and Kim Dacres at the Gavlak Gallery
Lenz Geerk at Roberts Projects
Glen Wilson at various small fires
Jonny Negron at Chateau Shatto
Sarah Ann Weber and Amanda Wall at the Anat Ebgi Gallery
Greg Ito at the Anat Ebgi Gallery
Ed Ruscha hangs over Gagosian’s bed
Veronica Fernandez, The Perez Bros., Jonah Elijah and Yvette Mayorga at the Residency Art Gallery
John Ahearn at the Charlie James Gallery
Fabian Guerrero at the art gallery of the residence

The Felix Art Fair continues at Hollywood Roosevelt (7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles) to Sunday August 1.

The act of touching allows for a deeper sensory understanding for the viewer while simultaneously creating a rebellion against the terms of visualization, the terms defining the museum and gallery space.

Photographer Fin Serck-Hanssen follows Hedda, a Norwegian woman in her twenties, as she travels for cosmetic surgeries and vaginoplasty.

Sean Baker’s flick about a stranded pornstar seducing a teenage girl is sexually blunt like few American films are today.