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Little Rabbit Author Alyssa Songsiride –

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Thursday, June 30, 5:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.
Fishers Island Library


“A dark and sensual awakening story that will quietly engulf you in flames.” —Ling Ma, author of Breakup

When the anonymous narrator of the first encounter the choreographer at an artist residency in Maine, it’s no match. She finds him noisy, vain, dominating. He finds her serious, reserved, always on the run to write. But when he reappears in her life in Boston and invites her to his dance company’s show, she is forced to attend. Their interaction at the show sparks a summer of expanding the boundaries of her own body: she follows the choreographer to his home in the Berkshires, to his New York apartment, and into submission during sex. Her body learns to follow hers obediently, and her desires quickly become inseparable from her pleasure. It must be happiness, right?

Back in Boston, her roommate Annie’s skepticism amplifies her own doubts about those heady weekends. What does it mean for a young queer woman to partner with an older man, for a budding artist to partner with an established artist? Does she follow her own agency, or just follow him? Does falling in love mean eviscerating?

Combining the tacky sexual politics of Luster with the dizzying and perceptive intimacy of Cleanliness, Small rabbit is a whole new kind of coming-of-age story about lust, punishment, artistic drive, and desires that challenge hard-earned limits of self.

Alyssa Songsiridej is a Midwestern novelist who now lives on the East Coast. Her first novel, Little Rabbit, will be published May 3 by Bloomsbury. She is also an editor at Electric Literature. Winner of the 5 under 35s, she lives in Philadelphia.