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Letter writer complains about goats on downtown street corners – Greeley Tribune

By on June 6, 2021 0

100 years ago, for the second week of June 1921, from the pages of the Greeley Tribune-Republican newspaper.

The main article on the newspaper’s front page concerned the “race war” in Tulsa, Oklahoma: “Ten blocks of houses have been set on fire and 75 (Blacks) are in ashes.” The investigation is continuing. “

“Go to h—! Go to h—! “Those were the words shouted at a driver on the cement road from Evans to Windsor. When he turned to see who was yelling at him, the driver crashed into another car. was injured.

A 49-year-old Eaton man has been arrested for running a campaign he called “living without working”. He had two young boys carrying signs saying they had epilepsy and needed donations for treatment. Neither boy had epilepsy and they shared the money with Eaton’s man, who said he had never worked.

Famous Chicago lawyer Clarence Darrow had lunch in Boulder with Ralph Meeker and Miss Meeker from Greeley. Ralph Meeker is the son of Nathan Meeker, founder of Greeley.

If you see a serious-looking young man scurrying around in his wheel with several pigs inside, don’t worry. It is Charles Plumb, head of the Boys and Girls Club of Weld County, who delivers pigs to the members of the group who will raise them.

Fred Laude from Eaton was the first man in Weld County to buy a plane. He took a few plane rides and fell in love with it. After taking flying lessons in his new plane, he plans to fly to California. Laude is a restorer and painter of signs.

Eastern Colorado was severely inundated by heavy rains that fell this week. In Pueblo, 45 people were killed with a 9-foot wall of water crashing through the city. The Tribune-Republican newspaper is asking for donations to help the citizens of Pueblo, and the town has shipped 100 cases of milk to them.

A letter to the editor complains about the many goats tied up on downtown street corners. The writer said he had to wade through goat manure an inch deep to get through the area.

During a family birthday party, 60 parents and many friends showed up at Maison Audre. The beautiful birthday cake has been cut into 100 pieces to serve everyone.