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Legendary Writer, Member of Rajya Sabha V Vijayendra Prasad Released Hebah Patel’s Captivating B&W Teaser (Black & White)

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The stunning Diva Hebah Patel is one of Tollywood’s most glamorous actresses. The starlet who has mostly played glamorous roles is set to land a role that allows her to star in the upcoming B&W (Black & White) crime thriller. LNV Surya Prakash is directing the film which stars Surya Srinivas, Lahari Shari and Naveen Neni in leading roles.

The title B&W (Black & White) alone arouses some interest, where the presence of Hebah Patel is another major attraction. Meanwhile, legendary writer and member of Rajya Sabha Sri V Vijayendra Prasad teased the film and wished the team every success.

Hebah Patel appeared in a role of many shades. She likes to be independent and enjoy life in her own way. Hebah has a boyfriend, and she seems to have a threat to his life. She is a great painter and has bigger dreams, but all of them are shattered by unexpected events in her life. The teaser shows most of the characters suspiciously, including that of male lead character Surya Srinivas. Lahari Shari and Naveen Neni also appeared in the teaser.

The engrossing teaser strikes a chord with thriller movie lovers, and it has elements for the youngsters as well. Hebah Patel oozed enough punch. Director Surya Prakash created curiosity with the teaser cut. Padmanabha Reddy and Sundeep Reddy are producing the film, while A Meghana Reddy presents it in collaboration with SR Arts/AU & I Studios Pvt. While T Surendra Reddy handled the cinematography, Ajay Arasada provided the music. The camera work, as well as the BGM scored by Asheer Luke and D Suman Jeeva, are well synchronized. Shiva Sarvani is the editor.

B&W (Black & White) is currently in post-production and the makers plan to release the film soon.

Cast: Hebah Patel, Surya Srinivas, Lahari Shari, Naveen Neni, Suresh Babu, Kishore Kumar, Ammulu RK, Vamsi.B and others.

Technical team :
Director: LNV Surya Prakash
Producers: Padmanabha Reddy, Sundeep Reddy
Presents: A Meghana Reddy
Banners: SR Arts / AU & I Studios Pvt. ltd.
Music: Ajay Arasada
Background music: Asheer Luke and D. Suman J
DOP: T. Surendra Reddy
Publisher: Shiva Sarvani
Artistic Director: Vamsi Boyina
Executive producer: Manoj Mavilla
Singers: Yazin Nizar, Lipsika-Chinmayi
Lyrics: Srimani
Choreography: Kaladhar and Polaki Vijay
PRO: Sai Satish, Parvataneni Rambabu


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