July 1, 2022
  • July 1, 2022

Jeff Koons sends sculptures to the moon

By on April 11, 2022 0

This year, Jeff Koons will enter two arenas for the first time: the metaverse and the moon. The artist has announced that he will send 125 miniature lunar sculptures into space, each about an inch in diameter, which will remain on permanent display on the moon. The artwork aims to “explore the imagination and technological innovation of the human race,” a statement says, but whether or not it will serve as a giant leap forward for humanity remains to be seen.

Marking 50 years since the last American crewed trip to the Moon, the sculptures will lift off from pad 39A, Kennedy Space Center later this year and land on an Intuitive Machines Nova-C Lunar Lander in a fully autonomous mission. The 125 miniature lunar sculptures, each representing one of the 125 unique phases of the moon and named after an influential person in human history such as Plato and Warhol, will be exhibited together in space in a compartmentalized cube, fully transparent and durably constructed. The Nova-C Lunar Lander will bring the sculptures to the moon as part of a mission carrying NASA payloads.

Title Jeff Koons: phases of the moon, the new series will also include two other components; Each moon-related sculpture will be accompanied by another large spherical stainless steel sculpture encased in glass that will remain on Earth, plus an NFT that matches the Moon and Earth sculptures. The sculptures that will remain on Earth will feature a reflective surface – similar to Koons’ Rabbit – mimicking the colors on the moon’s surface and a tiny gemstone – either a ruby, emerald, sapphire or diamond – that will mark the location of the moon landing.