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Historical non-fiction writer visits Day in Life series on Wednesday

By on May 31, 2022 0

Douglas Hunter is the author of 20 non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles on a wide range of topics including sports, history and business.

On Wednesday night, the Midland Cultural Centre’s A Day in the Life series hears from a longtime journalist and author.

Douglas Hunter joins host Fred Hacker to discuss his many works over the years, which delve into a wide range of subjects from history and business to the environment and sport.

Over the years he has authored 20 non-fiction books and numerous magazine articles. His subjects range from historical figures (John Cabot; Henry Hudson) to sports personalities (Tim Horton; Edmonton Oilers) to business (Molson; Nortel) to boating (yacht racing; yacht design).

While most people would settle for being a best-selling published author, Hunter also had a career as an illustrator and graphic designer. He has also been a ghostwriter, landscape artist, and maintains a website on matters of interest to people who appreciate the wilder parts of the Great Lakes.

Hunter, who lives in Port McNicoll, returned to graduate school after a 30-year absence, earned his doctorate in 2015 and then held a two-year postdoctoral fellowship.

His latest book, Jackson’s Wars was released earlier this month. The book follows the education and progress of AY Jackson, a member of the Group of Seven, as a painter before he rose to fame and examines his time on the battlefield in Europe during the First World War.

Tickets are $25 plus taxes and fees and can be purchased here.