July 1, 2022
  • July 1, 2022

Four new sculptures arrive downtown | Heralrepublican

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ANGOLA — Four new sculptures were erected on Friday in the public square.

The four sculptures were chosen by the Arts Council of the Mayor of Angola.

orange-eyed popper

In front of Bent Fork Art Studio and Monument Pizza in the North Public Square, a steel fish sculpture has been installed. The sculpture titled “Orange-Eyed Popper” was created by Fremont artist Greg Summers.

In the plaque affixed to the base of the popper sculpture, Summers describes his piece, writing, “This sculpture was constructed to represent an aspect of life in Steuben County.

“I try to sculpt artwork that I think fits the areas where it should be placed. To me, 101 lakes equals fish,” Summers said.

Summer’s piece was sponsored by the Steuben County Bureau of Tourism and is valued at $1,989.

Balanced view

In front of the Steuben County Courthouse in the South Public Square, an abstract steel sculpture entitled “Balanced View” by artist Maureen Gray has been installed.

Gray described “Balanced View” based on the statue, saying, “All around us people have different ideas and points of view. It seems that we think we are right in our beliefs, but what if we looked at life from a different angle? What if we could alter our need to be right enough to perceive another point of view? What if we saw everything as connected and sacred? Maybe look at life with a balanced view.

“Balanced View,” the steel sculpture was sponsored by the Steuben County Office of Tourism and is valued at $5,000.

Gray is based in Interlochen, Michigan.

song of the wind

In front of Studio II Styling Salon, a tiled abstract steel sculpture, “Windsong”, by artist Maureen Gray was installed.

Gray described Windsong, writing, “Sometimes a sculpture just needs to be light and whimsical…Zen, calm and intimate all at the same time. This piece is a joyful use of abandoned pieces of steel swaying and dancing in the breeze.

Gray’s “Windsong” steel sculpture was sponsored by the Steuben County Visitor Center and is valued at $4,000.

red tail lantern

In front of the Brokaw Movie House in the North Public Square, a steel sculpture has been installed, tiled, “Red Tailed Lantern”, by Decatur steel artist Greg Mendez.

“The sculpture represents a falcon on a lamp post. Viewing the sculpture from different angles will give the impression of movement through the wings. The viewer has the option to simply identify the imagery or search for a deeper narrative,” Mendez said in his description of the work.

Mendez studied art at Francis University. He said he grew up with extremely supportive parents who always encouraged him to never give up.

He had sculptures all over the United States, from South Dakota to Florida.

Mendez said most of his “body of work is figure work,” but he expanded his skills with birds of prey.

You have to familiarize yourself with their anatomy,” Mendez said.

Unlike many steel sculptures, Mendez does not use torches or heating elements. Its steel is handled with angle grinders, varies vises and custom hammers.

“All of my pieces are also hand painted,” Mendez said, noting that he prefers Rustoleum paint for his projects.

Mendez’s “Red Tailed Lantern” steel sculpture was sponsored by the Steuben County Visitor Center and is valued at $2,500.