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Dino-mite! Huge front yard sculptures draw crowds to Cleveland home

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Pride of ownership! Meticulously maintained colonial. Beautiful floor on the ground floor, solid wood kitchen cabinets, GRANITE countertops and MARBLE backsplash.

Those are the first words in the listing details for a modest 1,624 square foot home on Bosworth Road in Cleveland. It is listed for $162,000.

But there’s no mention of what really sets this three-bedroom residence apart from the rest, namely the huge sculptures of a dinosaur, a juggernaut, and a giraffe dominating the front yard.

“The owner is from Africa and does a lot of carvings and carvings. The carvings at the front were all done by the owner. He has been working there for about five years,” says the listing agent Nicholas Reyeswith BHHS Stouffer Realty.

“I decided to stay neutral and let the buyers make their own decisions regarding the artwork. I just tried to really focus on the house,” Reyes says of his decision not to mention the sculptures in the list.

The strategy worked: an offer is in hand for the house filled with art.

“People were blown away. We had an open house and there were a lot of people who came, a lot of people to see the house and a lot of people to see the artwork,” he says. “There’s definitely been a lot of positive feedback.”

Front yard

(Randée Pollarine)

front porch

(Randée Pollarine)

Front yard

(Randée Pollarine)


(Randée Pollarine)

Reyes says the front court display took him by surprise.

“When [the owner] called me to come and see the house the first time, he gave me no warning or anything. I stopped and was like, ‘Wow, that’s pretty cool,'” Reyes says. “Once I walked in I was blown away because it’s like walking into a museum.”

The owner is a contemporary artist Harry Larweh, who returns to his native Ghana. A number of sculptures also adorn the interior of the house and the backyard.

“The sculptures on the outside stay with the house, but most of the artwork inside it takes away,” says Reyes. “He did the big dinosaur during COVID. I guess he was bored. He bought a dinosaur toy and said that once he got the toy he knew exactly how to make it.


(Randée Pollarine)

The house, which was built in 1924, has been updated, Reyes says.

“The upstairs rooms are a very good size with beautiful oak hardwood floors, and the fireplaces have been refurbished,” he adds.


(Randée Pollarine)


(Randée Pollarine)

Some of the sculptures were carved out of wood, others were fashioned out of cement. Whatever the medium, the big beasts attract attention.

“There are always people stopping and taking pictures, bringing their kids,” Reyes says. “The neighborhood really loves it.”

Reyes says he’s surprised by all the attention the list has received.

“When I first got the list, I knew it was going to be two ways. Either people were going to love it or hate it,” he says. “Harry is definitely happy to hear how many people appreciate his works of art and all the hours he put into everything he did.”


(Randée Pollarine)

Dining room

(Randée Pollarine)


(Randée Pollarine)