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David Lynch’s light sculptures to be on display at Hollywood Art Fair – The Hollywood Reporter

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During the pandemic, filmmaker and artist David Lynch decided to make lamps, which he has done on and off over the years. Some are small, and some are large, some Douglas fir, others metal, and a selection of them will be on display at the Kayne griffon gallery stand at Felix Art Fair at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel from July 29 to August 1.

“I think language is more of a sculpture than a lamp. It’s a sculpture that emits a certain type of light, ”said gallery co-owner Bill Griffin. THR works by Lynch, who was an artist before becoming a filmmaker and attended a series of art schools, including the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. It was there that he started making short films and then enrolled at the AFI Conservatory.

David Lynch
Josh Telles

“You come in, and they’re different sizes and shapes, different materials, and they all have that soul of light going out of it, and that draws you in,” Griffin says of the lamps, which will be accompanied by a few. Lynch canvases. (Prices range from $ 50,000 to $ 150,000.) “That’s what I’m really excited to do: showcase this work to the world. And to do that to Felix, it’s a very interesting place.

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The Matchstick C lamp by David Lynch, in steel, rod and plexiglass.
Flying Studio / Courtesy of Kayne Griffin Gallery

Co-founded by Al and Mills Morán, along with art collector and former Disney director Dean Valentine, Felix began in 2019 as a counter-programming to the first Frieze LA, releasing art from an antiseptic tent and by placing it in an environment separate from LA. With works of art displayed on furniture, bathrooms and closets, Felix creates a unique immersive experience. This will be Kayne Griffin’s first in-person fair since the pandemic; this year’s event will only feature galleries from LA (29 in all), including Blum & Poe, Anat Ebgi, Nicodim, David Kordansky and Chateau Shatto. The fair will take place exclusively in the cabins around the swimming pool painted by David Hockney. “It’s a very interesting and intimate space,” says Griffin. “[Lynch’s works] all refer to the unconscious, to the unified field which attracts us all. That’s why I thought it would be interesting to get a group of them together and put them in the context of this particular building and the architecture, the history and its relationship to Los Angeles.

The Felix Fair is held at the same time as two other major art events around Los Angeles. LA art exhibition runs from July 29 to August 1, with nearly 70 exhibitors at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The fair will include an NFT exhibition, titled Sea change, presented by Vellum LA, an NFT physical art gallery slated to open in Los Angeles this fall; the works will be presented on museum-quality Luma Canvas LED screens.

Meanwhile, Gallery Association Los Angeles is launching the first Los Angeles Gallery Weekend, from July 28 to August 1. More than 80 galleries will host openings, receptions, book signings, performances and more over the course of its five days. Highlights include a rooftop sculpture exhibit at Regeneration projects and an open-air art market in Jeffrey Deitch.

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