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Children’s Day: child rights activist, painter and poet; children with an approach that never says die!

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They are special children, with an approach that never says die. Not only academically, these kids do very well in art, social work, literature, and more.

HT spoke to a few of these children.

Therapy turned profession

Ansh Batra, 15, is an autistic child, who has made and sold nearly 500 paintings to date. In the last five years he graduated from watercolor and moved into abstract art. He also explores new textures in his paintings. Ansh, who began his training at an art school in Noida when he was just 10 years old, now paints most of his work in acrylics and is also making a foray into fine art.

He had entered a Noida-based art school because his mother, in order to manage his tendency to be hyperactive, decided to try an alternative to the regular therapies recommended for autistic children. Given his limitations in speech and communication, Ansh often channeled his energy into doing strenuous physical activity. Practicing the art for 2-3 hours helped calm his nerves and eventually became something he might even consider taking up professionally.

Artist Rahul Thakur, Ansh’s Noida-based teacher, was the first to post Ansh’s work on Facebook. Soon the requests started pouring in. Today, Ansh’s paintings are sold for 5000 and counting and orders are placed from across the country.

“I feel like Ansh turns to painting when he struggles to communicate. It has become a way for him to express his thoughts to the world because he cannot express his feelings by speaking like most of us,” said Anshul Batra, his mother.

Meet this 9-year-old poetry and prose writer!

“Age is just a number, with no limits! All limits are self-imposed,” says nine-year-old Abhijita Gupta, recognized by the International Book of Records as the world’s youngest writer.

Abhijita, who started writing poetry and prose when she was just five years old, was first published when she was 7 years old.

So far, she has written three books: “Happiness All Around”, “We Will Surely Sustain” and “To Begin with…The Little Things”. Over 10,700 copies of these books have been sold to date. The digital launch of “To Begin with…The Little Things” took place at the Oxford Bookstore and she also got 3 lakh as an advance fee, although 90% of the amount was invested in charity.

This resident of Ghaziabad holds 6 records in all including “Grandmaster of Writing” by Asia Book of Records, International Book of Records, World Book of Records, UK and India Book of Records for being the youngest author to write from poetry and prose. as well as for being the youngest to write non-fiction about the pandemic.

Writing is in his blood, says Abhijita, who hails from the family of legendary poets Maithlisharan Gupta and Siyaramsharan. Fan of Ruskin Bond, Abhijita says he wants to become a doctor and do good for society.

She is among the 40 youth icons selected by the Ministry of Culture to be part of the song “Mauka Hai” written by Manoj Muntashir, composed by Rochak Kohli and sung by B Praak as part of “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” .

A 17-year-old child rights activist!

Kartik Verma, 17, a resident of Bhadohi, is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child’s (UNCRC) Children’s Adviser, representing all of South Asia.

After being bullied and sexually harassed, he decided to look into the issue of children’s rights and later added climate change to the list as well.

When he was just 12 years old (2017), Verma started with the “Voice to People” campaign, in which he gave public speeches to raise awareness. Despite a shocking episode of sexual assault, which he encountered inside a bus, he took the experience on his own and continued to work for children’s rights.

“Now I can do something to make sure no child experiences this (sexual assault),” he said. He created his Twitter account soon after and was followed by Youngo, the United Nations Youth Climate Change Group, which quickly gained a membership. “I started a campaign called ‘Knowledge for Nature’ in 2021 and for this I visited more than 20 public schools so I could talk to children about climate change and children’s rights,” he said. -he declares.

Verma is one of 13 UN child advisers and even represented South Asia at General Comment 26 led by the office of the UN High Commissioner to discuss children’s rights. the child and the environment.