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Pokémon fans’ ghost-type sculptures are monstrous fanged nightmares

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A cunning Pokemon fan has reinvented the classic Ghost-type Pokémon designs with terrifying and lifelike changes. Creating crafts based on hundreds of Pokémon species has become a popular way for fans of the franchise to share and express their love for certain companions. This included crochet versions of different Pokémon, 3D printed models and even elaborate sculptures. While keeping the original designs can make cute additions to room decorations, folding traditional appearances can dramatically change the effect of some Pokemon species.

One of the main reasons why the Pokemon the series remained popular for over two and a half decades due to Pokemon in-game designs. Most Pokémon have simple, identifiable appearances that range from spooky ghost types to adorable fairy types. This diversity offers fans of all styles and preferences a companion they can relate to. The simplicity of the designs of the first 150 Pokémon can be especially appealing to crafting, as most species use simple colors, and even the evolutions aren’t too complex to recreate in mediums other than drawing.


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In a video shared by Blinded by the light of day In 2020 on YouTube, the artist presents the process of sculpting the Kanto region, ghost types Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar from clay. However, unlike their comic and cartoonish designs seen in the Pokemon games and anime, these recreations describe what each Pokémon could look like if it appeared in real life. Blinded by Light gives the Pokémon mouthfuls of long, pointy teeth as well as eyes devoid of pupils. Long tongues and ragged lips turn the once hilarious and spooky characters into creatures of a Pokemon-powered nightmare.

While Blinded By Daylight hasn’t added any other realistic renditions of Pokémon species to YouTube, the sculptures are similar to the realistic reimaginations seen in the movie. Detective Pikachu, where cartoonish versions of Pokémon have been replaced with hyperrealistic designs. While fans would probably prefer to meet a prank-loving Gengar from Indigo League instead of a ghoulish monster, the change describes what most would think of upon encountering a ghost in a haunted building or on an abandoned road. Along the same lines, however, realistic versions of pokemon as Eevee would probably look more like a cat or a dog, which would either increase their appeal or potentially make them unnerving to watch compared to cartoons.

For fans more interested in the softer side of Pokémon crafting, however, another fan of the series is currently working on crochet the likenesses of each Pokémon in the official National Pokédex. This total of 898 crochet Pokémon soft toys It’s no small feat, but the overall results are just as creatively inspiring as the spooky sculptures by Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar. With so many adorable, intimidating and scary species in the Pokemon series to choose from, fans will have plenty of options for any craft project.

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Source: Blinded by the light of day/ Youtube

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