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Writer’s Block: Go green (Bahia Grass green) | Journalist

By on September 20, 2021 0

Emilee Wentland

I have a new respect for professional painters.

Not that I didn’t respect them before, of course, but painting even a single piece is hard work! It took my boyfriend and I most of a weekend, and we still need to do some touch-ups.

I’m a fan of DIY projects, as long as I know it’s something in my area of ​​expertise. Knit a sweater? Easy. Building a dresser from scratch? Difficult pass. (I shouldn’t be allowed to go near a saw.) But painting a room was somewhere between “Yes I can do it” and “No I absolutely can’t”, so I was pretty anxious to see it. ‘to try.

The first step was to choose a paint color – which I thought, as a sadly undecided person, would be the hardest part. The mission? Green. As for the shades or tints, I had no idea.

After accumulating too many samples of Menards paint and finally testing a few samples, we opted for a neutral green called “Bahia Grass”. It wasn’t too minty, and it looked a lot better against the reddish-brown wood trim than the other colors we tested.

Along with finding the perfect color, we needed to find a tough paint with a primer that could cover the hideous bright red accent wall that previous owners painted.

I love red, but after watching this tragedy of a wall for a year, I think I might be completely against color.

It made the room way too dark and depressing and was nothing we owned.

Green, on the other hand, has served us well so far.

I’m not a patient person, so doing two coats of paint (three on the red wall) and touching up was a lot for me. Not to mention the painstaking application of painter’s tape over the wood trim to make sure the line was even – it was tricky.

I slept in the basement with the spiders and other intruders while waiting for the paint to dry, and it wasn’t a walk in the park either. I saw a house centipede the size of my thumb up there one night and said a little prayer for my life.

I love doing projects myself (often using several how-to videos on YouTube) as there are few things more satisfying than responding to someone’s compliment with “Thanks, I did it myself.” -same “. I also enjoy learning new skills and take pride in my work.

, I don’t think I’ll be a professional painter anytime soon, but I do think I would paint another room or two if it came up (but I hope it won’t be for a long time).

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