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Buddhadeb Guha, the iconic writer who was a singer by training and a good painter too

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He qualified as a chartered accountant, but switched to writing although his first steps were cut short. He would remember his first steps in the Anandabazar Patrika office to meet famous author Ramapada Choudhury, who edited the Sunday supplement. Along with a story, he carried a letter of recommendation from another well-known author. Choudhury took the news and, in front of Guha, shredded the letter into pieces and threw them in the wastebasket. But he recognized from history that there was a writer here who would go far.

Le Pooja Special issue of Anandbazar Patrika, 1963 publishes his novel The man-eater of Sitagadh who may have founded the special genre that distinguished Guha from his peers and made him famous – novels and short stories about forest areas in different parts of West Bengal and other states, especially Jharkhand , such as McCluskieganj, Palamau, the Sundarbans and other jungles that have become a part of his life and have gone beyond his writing. “Nature is my first love for life. The backdrop of nature will remain the main ambience of all my writing, ”he once said.

Guha was very courteous in his lifestyle. He was one of the first to create characters depicting modern, easy-going Bengali families that readers could relate to, earning him instant popularity. His novels and short stories are characterized by their dreamy abstraction and romantic appeal. His essays reveal the soul of a true wanderer and offer some of the finest interpretations of trips to Bengal. His love for forests and nature are the backdrops of several of his novels.

This love for nature and for traveling through the state’s natural habitats led to another school of writing for him – writing for children and adults for which he created a completely separate series with the imaginary character Rijuda. and his sidekick Rudra which was an adventure-travel series that won him great popularity as a writer with a genre all his own. His first book in the Rijuda series was Rijudar Shonge Jongoley which totaled about 28 novels. About 6 children’s books revolved around a character named Rivu such as Parnomochi which explored a boy’s sexual arousal as a teenager.

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