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Do you know these 10 famous sculptures? Check out this timeline

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Pablo Picasso once said that “sculpture is the art of intelligence”. Indeed, sculpture has a long and rich history dating back to ancient times. In Western and Eastern cultures, exquisite sculpture has been a hallmark of high culture. Whether using wood, stone or metal, sculptors have achieved incredible three-dimensional results.

And while there are many wonderful sculptures that have been created over time, some have become landmarks in the history of art. Whether because of their realism or their innovative use of materials, these sculptures have helped preserve the history of important cultures. From Chinese terracotta warriors to the bust of Nefertiti in Egypt, some of these famous sculptures are essential to our understanding of ancient culture. Others, like that of Michelangelo David or at Rodin The Thinker, are emblems of their time and have contributed to pushing back the limits of sculpture.

Our timeline of 10 famous sculptures takes you from a prehistoric fertility idol to a contemporary public monument. By catapulting through time, we can see the development of Western art and how sculptors innovated at the highest level. If you want to learn even more about these sculptures, as well as a few others, check out our list of the most famous sculptures that every art lover should know.

Check out our timeline of 10 famous sculptures throughout history.

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