All individuals trying to manage their lives with the salaries they receive. However, since our salaries are not sufficient for some of our needs, we can apply for loans and use loans to finance these needs. Credit applications to meet these needs are not necessary in some cases and we may need to cancel the approved loan.

How can I cancel loans?

Before mentioning the detailed information on the subject, we should note that the cancellation of the loan is not as difficult as it is thought. If the loan you have applied for is approved, it is, of course, possible to cancel the loan. Just because you have applied for a loan does not necessarily mean that you will use the loan. The bank may have approved the loan because you have fulfilled the terms of the loan application, and if it is not a digital loan, it can easily be canceled as it will be possible to say that the money has not yet been credited to your account.

However, one of the most important points in credit cancellations is the channel where the loan application is made. Since the cancellation process of credit applications made via SMS, Telephone, Internet and Branches will differ from each other, you should learn all the information about how to cancel the approved loan and follow the necessary steps to cancel the loan completely.

How to Cancel an Approved Credit

Nowadays, loan applications can be made quite easily through various channels. To give an example of this, we can make a loan application in minutes by using SMS or internet banking from the place we live at home and we can have the application result notified to our phone by sms. This situation causes differences between the cancellation of these loans. If someone with a high credit score has applied for a loan by SMS, he can get instant confirmation by SMS and start to fill in the necessary documents by visiting the branch to get the money into account.

Some credits are instantly approved and your money can be instantly in the account. For example, you may apply for a loan by making transactions through internet banking with a specific campaign. If your information and documents are up-to-date, the bank can deposit this amount immediately after you approve the loan. However, the fact that the money is deposited in your account does not mean that the loan will not be canceled. If the funds remain in your account after the credit has been approved, and you have not seen any transactions (withdrawals, deposits, transfers), you can initiate the 14-day cancellation process granted to you by the bank. You can initiate the cancellation process by contacting the customer service of the relevant bank and ensure the cancellation of the approved loan. Banks may charge fees for these transactions.

Does the approved loan be canceled instantly?

We have stated in your article that you have a 14-day cancellation right for all credits. Regardless of the application channel, you can cancel all your credits within 14 days by calling the customer service. However, the bank may request a petition for the applications you make from the branch. You can request a cancellation of the credit amount in your account by completing a petition with the bank employee. The petition process may take a little longer than the transactions made through customer service. However, one of the most important points you should pay attention to in this respect is that the money is not traded in the account. If the account has been exchanged or traded, the bank may not cancel your credit .

In the light of our information on how to cancel an approved loan , we can say that it is a very easy way to cancel the loan. In this way, even if your credits have been approved and deposited into your account, you can cancel them immediately and give up your rights.